You could call us the mavericks of the advertising field since we deliver total solutions pertaining to your advertising needs.

In something as serious as creating advertising message, where do we draw a line of distinction to separate us from the crowd of “me too” advertising agencies ?

For us, “Concept Level Thinking” is the operating phrase here. Before we start decide on the message to be conveyed and the positioning of the client company, which is not a substitute to their over all marketing strategy, but synergetic to it. We plan the over all strategy with the main object of the company in mind.

Arpit Advertising cannot emphasize enough the importance of formulating the creative strategy. We believe in it with a vengeance, and work with our clients to evolve a strategy that 'works' for them.


We don't send a campaign to the client for approval unless the campaign has passed certain tests. Our research team verifies the pulling power of the ad, the recall percentage, the effectiveness of the headline, body text, illustration and so and so forth, is testing separately and jointly. Last but not least, we put the design at various pages and positions in the newspaper and for magazine to ensure that the at work doesn't get lost in a crammed page.

We ensure that it stands out, meaning thereby, that you don't have always to opt for premium pages, unless otherwise required as a matter of strategy. The artworks produced by us come live with rich colour, design, aesthetic sense with bold and unconventional copy writing, headlines and taglines with a punch, to make your message loud and clear.

On one hand, we try to save you costs by means of superior designs, while on the other hand, we try to make your ads work hard so that every advertising rupee spent by you gives you optimum mileage. Its your money, after all.


ARPIT ADVERTISING is a specialist firm offering complete range of services in the field of advertising to many of the big and small companies, with its headquarters at Chandigarh.

We have a clear and simple mission.


To contribute to your business success by helping you make your cash register ring by means of creative and innovative advertising and strategies.

ARPIT ADVERTISING brings you top quality advertising services in this part of the country.

Quality of Advice  The customer is NOT always right

We use our understanding of the advertising environment and on out-of-the-box approach to thinking to provide you with 'Cutting Edge' advice.

We are not afraid to give you advice that may be contrary to your views if we believe that it is in your best interest to do so.

Quality of Implementation The Customer wants RESULTS

With our strong understanding of the advertising strategies, formulated by a host of advertising professionals, our systems approach to strategy implementation, we are in a position to deliver results-consistently.

We have implemented custom-built systems for workflow management and have detailed guidelines to maintain our quality of execution and implementation.

At ARPIT, we focus on results---not activity.


Quality of Service The customer is the KING

With a sincere team that combines a high degree of professionalism with proactive approach, we ensure efficient client services.

We are constantly accessible (including holidays) and we respond to your needs immediately with a smile.

Company Profile

ARPIT ADVERTING is an independent strategic communications consulting firm that provides a strategics edge in making use of all media vehicles effectively.

ARPIT ADVERTISING was set up to provide advertising services based on truly state-of-the-art technology to assist the clients grow in their chosen field of business.

ARPIT ADVERTISING is not very big in size, but elephants, you know, have never ruled the earth ! We have, however, our own office in the national capital to connect our clients to the national scene.

WE are a young agency, hence, we don't have a long past, but within a short span of over five years, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves.


It has been months and years of work, work and work….and FUN ! For we love what we do, and this has been precisely what has taken us from strength to strength. We at ARPIT, are driven by one strong corporate philosophy when it comes to work. A belief that can be summed up in two small words… “Have Fun!” Enjoy whatever you do and do it with passion. The atmosphere at ARPIT ADVERTISING is quite relaxed, but we must say that we do get our work done and done well at that !


Who are we ? What makes us tick ? These are the questions we would like to answer first in this presentation.


We, at ARPIT ADVERTISING, firmly believe that advertising is not a 10 to 5 weekday business. You might require our services at any time. Seek us at all times….even on holidays or at late evening. We are available to you at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ! We are known for our courteous personal services. Come, explore a new world of top-notch services, and discover how we have won the business and advertising fraternity.

If there's anything more you need to know about what we could do for you, please contact us ….We'd be happy to respond to your needs.